War Rugs


                      War Rug Bert the Turtle  60 “ x 40“  acrylic yarn 2017



                   War Rug Bert & Flower  53 “ x 37“  acrylic yarn 2017





           War Rug Dead Fish  51.5“ x 32 “  acrylic yarn 2017




Photography Marianita Peaslee Clinton, New York 2017


I would like to credit my wonderful studio assistant from this summer, Anna Owens, who figured out (and then taught me) how to make a rug. She and I spent many hours on how a "War Rug" might be constructed, from applique to crewel work and finally to a technique wherein the yarn is poked through holes in a special fabric with a hand tool for 'rug tufting'.

Anna is a native of Hamilton, NY and is currently an art student at Denison University in Granville, Ohio.